TPVs Android PAX reciben aprobación de UK Finance Y RNIB

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PAX Technology, the world’s leading electronic payment terminal solution provider, has received certification by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), a United Kingdom charity, for accessibility and usability of new generation payment devices by blind and partially sighted people.

The RNIB assessment covers many of PAX’s modern payment terminals with touchscreens, including the world’s best-selling A920 Android SmartPOS and the E-series family of Android SmartECRs.

According to estimates by the World Health Organization, at least 2.2 billion people have a vision impairment or blindness. For these consumers, processing payments are challenging, especially as payment devices continue to evolve toward touchscreens, making it difficult or impossible for them to enter PIN numbers in a traditional way.

PAX has worked alongside RNIB since October 2018, to design a payment feature that will allow PIN entering on touchscreen displays for people with sight loss. The feature has been revised more than 17 times and both devices have been tested by blind or partially sighted people, and is finally ready to be launched.

The accessibility mode will be integrated in the device’s operating system, allowing merchants to quickly tap an ‘Accessibility Mode’ icon on the PAX terminal display, when a visually impaired customer wants to pay. The device will read out the paying amount, along with basic instructions on how to proceed, using special beep technology to assist with the keypad navigation on the touchscreen.

The customer facing display has been designed to be as clear as possible visually, with good contrast between the numbers and buttons, and payment amount clearly shown. This helps enable people with some useful vision to use the main PIN pad more easily.

“We are pleased to be working with PAX Technology to ensure their new generation payment terminals are accessible for blind and partially sighted people. PAX has shown dedication throughout the entire process in making sure the feature is working effectively and that the recommendations from the user testing have been implemented in the devices”. - David Clarke, Director of Services at RNIB

Norman Roberts-York, Managing Director at PAX for the UK and Northern Europe, commented: “We are proud that our terminals are now helping to make the payment experience accessible and intuitive for the blind and visually impaired. Not only are we solving the card payment challenges merchants face in assisting such customers, but we have also made it easier for merchants to use this feature on PAX terminals by making sure it’s embedded within the operating system”.

Mark O’Flynn, Sales Director at PAX, concluded: “Last week, The UK Finance organization also issued Common.SECC certification for our A50 Android MiniPOS, enabling UK acquirers and payment service providers to continue deploying innovative in-store solutions”.